Line Up


Before his years of success, there was a time where the odds were truly stacked against the star. Following a prison release, MIST was convinced by a mutual friend and founder of Birmingham based platform P110 to record a freestyle. Initially hesitant, MIST went on to record one of the channel’s most celebrated freestyles to date. After all the hardships MIST had been through, he started to use music as a therapy and emerged as one of the most exciting new acts on the UK rap scene getting nods from artists such as Stormzy and Nines. What makes his early rise even more intriguing was the major support he received from the Asian community, often embracing their lingo and language in his lyrics. His breakout single Karla’s Back was a smash hit all across the country. A year later, MIST would win a MOBO for best video with “Hot Property” putting himself and Birmingham on the map. Signing with Warner soon after he dropped his 2016 EP, M I S to the T, the rapper has since had a number of Top 40 singles, as well as a Top 5 project in Diamond In The Dirt, with over 500,000,000 total streams to his name. Fans have been crying out for a follow-up to MIST 9-track Diamond In The Dirt EP, which came out in 2018. Releasing collaborations with artists such as Burna Boy, NSG and Bugzy Malone in between, MIST returned to the scene properly with a long-awaited Daily Duppy in the beginning of 2023. Gearing up for his most versatile piece of work and official debut album, the king of Birmingham is back with Redemption.