Line Up

Born On Road

Few label stories document and capture the development and transition from where drum & bass was in the early 2010s to where it is now better than that of Born On Road.

A Bristol-based collective headed up in late 2012 – a year when drum & bass was at its most EDM-ified with its first number one hits and growing wave of commercial sounds and attitudes – Born On Road came from the deepest of foundations. Founded by Kelvin 373 who was a then-burgeoning young talent who’d grown up on the free party circuit, and seasoned jungle veteran Aries, the label stood for roots that had been overlooked for some years yet were defiantly celebrating the new generation of artists.

Forecasting the fusion of jungle and rollers, and big champions of MC culture, long before these dynamics became particularly prominent dynamics that have characterised drum & bass in the last half decade, within a few years of establishing themselves (notably in the west country, at free parties and at festivals like Boomtown) Kelvin, Aries and their growing crew were at the forefront of a new wave of D&B.

Bringing through and/or backing acts like Selecta J Man, AC13, Crossy, Bish, Gray, Lupo, Jappa, Gold Dubs and Euphonique both in their parties and their releases, Born On Road continue to represent and embody the new energy and sense of rootsical renaissance drum & bass jungle has needed to thrive in the new decade.