5 romantic movies to get you through Valentine’s Day

The Vow

Who doesn’t love a bit of Channing Tatum? The plot revolves around him trying to make his wife, who lost her memory in an accident, fall in love with him again. One of the most underrated romance movie out there- great story, great acting, great realism.  Truly makes you realise how precious every moment is.

Me before you

Another movie, which often gets forgotten about. Not your typical romance, but nevertheless very well acted. The main character, Louisa Clark, is forced to accept a job which requires her to take care of Will Traynor, a paralysed man. As days go by, the more the two start to bond with each other. We won’t spoil anything more, but we would recommend placing a box of tissues close by.

The Notebook

Obviously had to include this classic to the list. It’s safe to say Nicholas Sparks is pretty much the king of romance as almost all of his novels make it to the screens, but The Notebook is by far the most famous adaptation. A truly engaging story portrayed by amazing actors & hot scenes.

The fault in our stars

Raise your hands, if you were also obsessed with the book when it came out in 2012. This is a heartwarming story of two teenagers who fall in love, Hazel Grace and Augustus. A different kind of love story, which truly makes you appreciate the life you have and the people around you.

The best of me

We saved the best one for last. Amanda and Dawson were once high- school sweethearts, who get reunited thanks to faith. A truly remarkable movie, which will make anyone cry.