Books with a twist, to make lockdown more fun!

We all know how a little coloring, even more laughter, and a lot of wine is good for your soul so in this post we are bringing you the top 3 hilarious colouring books to keep you entertained in these dark evenings.

First up we have Go F*ck Yourself, I’m Coloring: Swear Word Coloring Book”  which showcases colourful language in a quirky way. Definitely a good way to blow off some steam if you need to.

Ugh, I Can’t Even is another great book to point out, which allows you to express ideas you’re thinking of- even in the moments when you literally can’t even! Never ever has expressing your feelings been this easy. We are hooked!

And last but not least we have When Life Gets Complicated, I Wine. As the title suggest, this book is is best coloured with a glass of wine (or two) set next to you. Taking you to a whole new level or relaxation.

Bonus points to you if you manage to colour out any pages in Colour Clash colours. If you do, make sure to tag us so that we can see that masterpiece.. and who knows maybe it will even land you a prize for all we know 👀