Best Hangover Takeaways

Whether you had too many pints at the house or whatever the case maybe, there’s only one proven cure for a hangover: greasy food. Of course, a good sleep and paracetamol will be a great help too, but there’s nothing better than a tasty meal, the real hero in the effort to battle a hangover. Here’s our top 3 selection:

  • Grilled cheese sandwichIt is easy to make and this carb loading sandwich will make your hangover go away faster than expected and make you ready to take on the day. And if this gooey cheese toastie doesn’t do the trick, we don’t know what will. Check out HOLY CHEESUS in Newport UNREAL.


  • Fried chickenThere’s not a problem on this planet which can’t be fixed with a help of fried chicken. People really tend to crave fried food when they have a hangover and we totally understand why. Thank god for KFC & Uber Eats!

  • A burgerThe classic on anyone’s list. Always a good call, even if you’ve recently made some poor choices. Paired up with some hash browns and you got yourself pretty much the perfect meal. Checkout MEAT in Newport 😍😍